A wireless FM system helps you better understand speech by cutting out distracting background noise. It works in conjunction with your hearing aids (or with a headset) to deliver the sounds you want to hear directly to your ears.

Group Hearing System

Dhwani 2102, Group Hearing System Dhwani Aurica Pvt. Ltd. enables hearing impaired students to study together with students having normal hearing.

The System consist of one of Teacher's Mic Amplifier Unit and 8 to 12 Students Headphone + Mic Amplifier Units. All these are daisy chained such that teacher's voice together with all students's voices reaches all students headphones.

Teacher's Unit consists of: Microphone amplifier, Bar graph and power supply

Students's Units consists of : Left & Right channel headphone amplifiers, microphones amplifier, Power On-Off switch while Bar ghraph is optional. Student can not only adjust the teacher's voice level but also his/ her own voice level independent of teacher's voice level.

Operating power to all units is supplied from Teacher's unit. If a student is not present, his/her unit can be switched off.


Headphone Output (Student's Unit) 500 mW / 8 Ohms

Headphone Impedance 8 Ohms

Operating Power 230 V +/-20%, 50-60 Hz

Dimensions/Weight-Teacher's Unit 170 x 115 x 65 mm/1.2Kg

Dimensions/Weight-Teacher's Unit 130 x 115 x 55 mm/0.3Kg (W x D x H)


Dhwani 3101, Speech Trainer from Dhwani Aurica Pvt. helps speech traing of hearing impaired children. Dhwani 3101 provides independent microphones to teacher and students. Speech signals of teacher & students are internally mixed and fed to a stereo headphones. Thus the student can simultaneously hear teacher''s and her/his own voice.

Input : 2 x Microphones inputs for Teacher & Student 1x CD (Stereo) input

Output : Headphones (Stereo) output for student

Tone controls : Independent tone controls of High-Normal-Low for each channel

Channel Selection : Left(L) only Right(R) Left & Right (L+R)

Digital outputs dB Level Controls : 4 up/down Keys for each channel

Digital Scale Cotrol : 2 x Setting Keys for both Microphones & CD inputs

Display : 16x2 LCD showing : dB levels of outputs, Scale settings for Microphones &CD inputs Bar Graph for dB levels both channels

Power Supply : 9 V DC 2 Amps

Mechanical Dimension : 220(W) x 150(D) x 45(H) mm

Weight : 1.5 kg

Dhwani Loop Induction System

Dhwani 1101, System from Dhwani Aurica Pvt. Ltd. is a powerful Loop Induction System for use of hearing impaired. Microphone or CD signals are amplified and radiated through a wire loop. This radiation can be picked up by T-coils hearing aids.

Input : Microphone inputs CD (Stereo) inputs

Output : 1. Loop induction output through a wire loop, suitable for pick up by T coil of hearing aid. Loop output level can be varied. 2. Head phone output for monitoring purpose.

Digital Outputs dB Level controls : 2up/down Keys for each channel

Digital Scale Control : 2 x Setting Keys for both Microphone & CD inputs

Display : 16x2 LCD showing : dB level Scale settings for Microphones & CD inputs Bar Graph for output of dB level

Power Supply : 9 V DC 3 Amps

Mechanical Dimensions : 185(W) x 150(D) x 55(H) mm

Weight : 1KG