Calibration/repair by an Audiometric Technician with years experience in electronics. Dhwani Aurica also take ​Annual Maintenance Contract​ for service and Calibration of all types of Audiology equipments ​to keep our partners all time ready with equipments. We also provide application training for BERA, OAE, ASSR, ENG,VNG, EcochG. All clinical instruments​ irrespective ​of any brand.​ ​we provide training & support in establishing UV moulds & repairing Lab.

Tympanometer Calibration

Clinical Audiometer (Air / Bone / Speech / Sound Field) Calibration

OAE (DP / TE) Calibration

ABR / EP / ASSR Calibration

ENG / VNG Calibration

Hearing Aid Testing / Fitting / Verification Equipment Calibration

Sound Room Relocation Services

Hearing aid repair of add type and brands

Ear Mould : UV & Soft

Ear mould material for sale

Accessories for Hearing aids and Audiometer available